IATA: Airlines Financial Monitor Aug.-Sept. 2013

Today IATA released the report on Airline Financial Performance in August – September 2013.

Hereby the key points from the document:

  • Worldwide airline shares rose 11% in September, outperforming the market as crude oil and jet fuel prices eased;
  • The US airline share price index has almost doubled compared to a year ago, reflecting better financial performance, while profit weakness in Asia Pacific has seen regional airline shares rise just 6% on a year ago;
  • Q2 financial results show solid improvement in profits in the US and Europe, but a decline in Asia Pacific;
  • Jet fuel prices fell back below $130/bbl in September, as concerns over supply disruptions lessen;
  • Air freight volumes continue to rise modestly as advanced economy indicators show further improvement;
  • Air passenger growth remains strong, up 6.8% in August, with all regions experiencing solid growth;
  • Capacity continues to expand, but at a moderated rate as the number of aircraft leaving storage declines;
  • Passenger load factors picked up in August, after recent weakness in domestic loads;
  • But air freight load factors continue to trend downward as capacity growth remains strong;
  • Passenger yields have improved in the US but show weakness globally due to declines in Asia Pacific.

Download the full report!