ICAO’s Runway Safety Kit

ICAO Runway Safety Programme

In line with its ongoing cooperative efforts to resolve what remains the number one priority for global aviation safety experts, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has released a new Runway Safety Implementation Kit (iKit), developed in collaboration with  IATAACICANSOICCAIAFSFIFALPA,IFATCAIBACIAOPAFAAEASA and EUROCONTROL.


The new iKit consolidates many of the resources developed by ICAO and its Runway Safety Programme partners in recent years, as well as including latest guidance updates. Since its Global Runway Safety Symposium in May 2011, ICAO and these supporting agencies have delivered a range of helpful tools to assist States and operators, including updated runway safety international standards, centralized online resources, publication of the ICAO Runway Safety Team Handbook and twelve Regional Runway Safety Seminars.


“The ICAO Runway Safety Programme is one of global aviation’s best examples of how collaborative efforts on behalf of the world’s States and leading aviation organizations can deliver practical, cost-effective results on the very complex, multidisciplinary challenges facing our sector,” remarked ICAO Council President, Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu. “ICAO and its partners in this area remain fully committed to delivering continuous improvement on global aviation safety results and to lowering runway-associated fatalities.”


In the near-term, ICAO and its partners will also be launching a Runway Safety GO-Team programme which will help establish focused Runway Safety Teams at world airports, as well as conducting further Regional Runway Safety Seminars in Africa and the Middle East. All of this work will be coordinated under ICAO’s Regional Aviation Safety Groups which are responsible for implementation efforts and associated achievements relating to the targets in theICAO Global Aviation Safety Plan.

ICAO’s Runway Safety Programme: www.icao.int/safety/RunwaySafety

ICAO Runway Safety ProgrammeICAO ha lanciato il nuovo Runway Safety Implementation Kit (iKit) in collaborazione con  IATA, ACI, CANSO, ICCAIA, FSF, IFALPA, IFATCA, IBAC, IAOPA, FAA, EASA ed EUROCONTROL, in linea con l’impegno alla cooperazione nell’affrontare le priorità, individuate dagli esperti, in materia di safety aeronautica.

Il nuovo kit consolida le esperienze sviluppate dai partner del progetto nel corso degli ultimi anni sul tema della sicurezza delle piste, ponendosi come uno strumento indispensabile sia per gli Stati che per gli operatori. Sin dal Global Runway Safety Symposium, tenutosi nel 2011, ICAO, congiuntamente ai propri partner, ha reso disponibili una serie di strumenti rivolti a Stati e operatori, tra cui gli standard internazionali su runway safety aggiornati, risorse online e la pubblicazione dell’ICAO Runway Safety Team Handbook, oltre all’organizzazione di dodici simposi internazionali sul tema.

«Il Runway Safety Programme di ICAO rappresenta uno dei migliori esempi, nel settore dell’aviazione, di come la collaborazione possa produrre risultati pratici ed efficaci per fronteggiare le sfide complesse e multidisciplinari del nostro settore» ha dichiarato il Dr. Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu, Presidente del Consiglio ICAO.

Maggiori informazioni sono disponibili nella sezione dedicata al Runway Safety Programme sul sito ICAO: www.icao.int/safety/RunwaySafety