Memorandum FAA-ENAC

ENAC FAA Washington Italian Embassy 12 march 2014On March 12th, FAA and ENAC signed a Memorandum of Cooperation for the development of suborbital commercial transport, at the Italian Embassy in Washington.

The ENAC’s President, Vito Riggio, in an official delegation in USA with the Deputy Director General, Benedetto Marasà, underwrote an important agreement with US FAA, represented by CEO Michael P. Huerta. The Memorandum examines the elaboration of the national legislation about themes of research and development of the commercial suborbital flights. Following the President and the Deputy director general participated at a workshop focused on this subject matter.

Through to this Memorandum, of which ENAC acting as first Authority for the European civil aviation will be promoter at the other community authorities,  in a few years it will be possible to connect, for example, the US East coast with Italy in about an hour. Initially the links will interest the transport of goods to predict an expansion in a successive phase. Italy has been chosen as first European country for realization of harmonized legislation with US because there is a strong synergy in space field between the two States already from different years, thanks to a flourishing collaboration with national industry, made of researches, innovation and initiative recognized at international level.

The ENAC’s role, as authority of regulation of the national aviation field in the ambit of an agreement between the Italian and US Governments, is that to elaborate and to make rules ad hoc for the experimentation of the suborbital flights, with the aim to arrive at the end of the path to have common rules between Europe and USA.
In order to comply to the Memorandum of Cooperation, in the Italian area of interest will be involved AMI (Air Force), ASI (Space Agency), various research authorities and industrial groups already active in the aerospace sector.

The President Vito Riggio said: ‘The trial of suborbital flights that will be started thanks to this agreement between ENAC and FAA, of which I am particularly proud, opens views of significance for the entire Italian industry with a high potential of international business: in a few years it could open an enormous market, able to revolutionize the international trade. We are still at the start, but the borders are achieved with intelligence, competence and patience’.

The Memorandum has been signed in front of the Italian ambassador in USA, Claudio Bisogniero, who underlined the basic role that the private sector is obtaining in the space flight and he highlighted the importance of this agreement ENAC-FAA to favour collaborations between Italian and US enterprises in this field.

Memorandum FAA-ENAC [pdf]

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