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Hong Kong: 767 damaged in trainee revenge 0

Hong Kong: 767 damaged in trainee revenge

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The HK Standard reports that a Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company trainee damaged 14 core electronic circuits of a Boeing 767 aircraft to exact revenge against his boss. Tang Wing-hon, 19, was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on September 15 at District Court, pending training center and psychological reports. Tang pleaded guilty yesterday to one count of “damaging property and recklessly endangering life.” The prosecution said the damaged circuits did not seriously affect the aircraft, which could fly after being repaired, but the cost of thoroughly checking the aircraft and repairing the 14 circuits amounted to HK$86,000. The prosecution quoted aircraft experts as saying that although the autopilot system and satellite communication channel would be affected, the aircraft could still fly using manual controls and other means. Judge Frankie Yiu Fun-che said damaging an aircraft is a serious criminal act. He requested the prosecution to ask experts before sentencing for the worst-case scenario arising from damaged electronic circuits. The defense said Tang was feeling guilty about the damage he had caused. Tang, who worked in June when he was on bail, will give the HK$15,000 he earned during that time to the company. The damage was discovered during a routine check of the aircraft.  Tang, who was part...

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Suicide Bomber from U.S. flew Home 0

Suicide Bomber from U.S. flew Home

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Law enforcement and intelligence agencies estimate that the threat of using suicide attackers to attack targets in the U.S or Europe is no longer considered a low probability event. The US born terrorist Abu-Salha had returned to the United States for several months after receiving training by an extremist group in Syria is an appropriate example to this estimate. According to the agencies over 1,000 Westerners including approximately 100 Americans and more than 350 Belgians had received training and gained practical combat experience in Syria. Counter terrorism officials in both Europe and the United States have long said they consider the return of their radicalized citizens from Syria a looming threat. This recent turn of events raises the question of the use of risk-based intelligence driven screening as an ongoing security concept. Abu Hurayrah al- ameriki known as Moner Mohammad Abusalha, 22 years old, Florida-born college dropout, chose to carry out his attack in Syria rather than in the United States, but in a alarming new video, the US-born jihadist warned America that “we are coming for you. You think you’re safe where you are, in America or Britain or Indonesia or Jordan or China or Russia or Somalia or Africa? You are not safe…we are coming for you....

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Airport Security vulnerable to hackers? 0

Airport Security vulnerable to hackers?

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Airport security has become far more advanced in the last decade, but according to the findings of one security researcher, the technology being used to protect travelers is still dangerously vulnerable to hackers. On his own time, Billy Rios of Qualys Security said he purchased some of the hardware and software used by the Transportation Security Administration. At a talk at this year’s Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, he revealed details about several vulnerabilities he was able to find, most notably in the device entrusted to detect trace levels of drugs and explosives. The machine, the Morpho Itemiser, is set up so that the technician level password is hardcoded in. It’s a common practice for a range of devices, one aimed at making it easier for technicians to get in and do maintenance, but it’s become taboo among security advocates because it also makes it easier for machines to be hacked. Rios said the security weakness allows the machine to be reverse-engineered, so a hacker can log in and wreak havoc. “If you’re a super user you can do whatever you want,” he said. The device, Rios said, is set up so that it can be designated to detect certain drugs or explosive devices. Rios said one thing...

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Introducing TravelersBox 0

Introducing TravelersBox

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TravelersBox will shortly be available in Italy too:  get in touch with us for further informations! TravelersBox company has automatic kiosks in many airports and lounges around the world where you can deposit your leftover unwanted foreign currency and transfer the credit to an E wallet like PayPal, gift card like Gap or eBay or donate for charity. Easy and carefree solution for today’s frequent traveler who’s always get stuck with all these annoying coins and bills and a great exposure for brands, as airports have such a diverse and huge traffic. At TravelersBox ( ) we are working today with some of the world’s major brands such as PayPal, Amazon, Skype, Groupon, Gap, Zynga, eBay, iTunes and many more....

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Ministero della Salute: Ebola e raccomandazioni per i viaggiatori 0

Ministero della Salute: Ebola e raccomandazioni per i viaggiatori

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Il Ministero della Salute ha pubblicato, sul proprio sito, il materiale informativo rivolto ai viaggiatori diretti o provenienti dai paesi affetti dalla malattia da virus Ebola: Consigli per il viaggiatore in Partenza Consigli per il viaggiatore in Arrivo Consigli ai viaggiatori internazionali diretti o provenienti dai paesi affetti   Nel caso foste diretti oppure di ritorno dall’Africa Occidentale, nello specifico Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria e Sierra Leone, suggeriamo di tenere in profonda considerazioni le informazioni edite dal Ministero della Salute. L’infezione è altamente trasmissibile: per contatto diretto con sangue o altri fluidi corporei di persone o animali infetti, deceduti o viventi; per contatto con oggetti contaminati da fluidi corporei infetti; la trasmissione per via aerea non è stata documentata.   Per ulteriori informazioni e aggiornamenti suggeriamo di visitare il sito del Ministero della Salute....

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