Hong Kong: 767 damaged in trainee revenge

The HK Standard reports that a Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company trainee damaged 14 core electronic circuits of a Boeing 767 aircraft to exact revenge against his boss. Tang Wing-hon, 19, was remanded in custody and will be sentenced on September 15 at District Court, pending training center and psychological reports.

Tang pleaded guilty yesterday to one count of “damaging property and recklessly endangering life.”

The prosecution said the damaged circuits did not seriously affect the aircraft, which could fly after being repaired, but the cost of thoroughly checking the aircraft and repairing the 14 circuits amounted to HK$86,000.

The prosecution quoted aircraft experts as saying that although the autopilot system and satellite communication channel would be affected, the aircraft could still fly using manual controls and other means. Judge Frankie Yiu Fun-che said damaging an aircraft is a serious criminal act.

He requested the prosecution to ask experts before sentencing for the worst-case scenario arising from damaged electronic circuits. The defense said Tang was feeling guilty about the damage he had caused.

Tang, who worked in June when he was on bail, will give the HK$15,000 he earned during that time to the company. The damage was discovered during a routine check of the aircraft.  Tang, who was part of the maintenance team, said he wanted to cause trouble for his boss who had sworn at him.

Please find the original article, written by Hilary Wong, at The Standard website.